Director’s message

From Director’s Desk…
Dear viewers,

By the grace of Almighty Baba Manjh Ji and his blessing Baba Manjh Convent Senior Secondary School is spreading golden light of knowledge in order to show the path which leads to better world to live in.

Manjh pyara guru Ko Guru Manjh pyara

Let’s pray and bow our heads in the respect of the Almighty, fifth Guru Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji to have a comprehensive and continuous flow of knowledge, so that each one of us must have an experience of life with the touch of spirituality and love of humanity & equality.

“Vidya Vichari Ta Parupkari”

  We have to understand the complete meaning of this Shalok. We have to find and cater all those efforts and means those can fulfill needs of the modern age. We do promise to train our pupils socially and scientifically upto the global level. By the blessings of Baba Manjh Ji, it is a small effort with the conclusions of Baba Manjh Ji’s own experiences to nurture the needs of the modern age. Thanks Mahant Varinder Singh Sidhu.