House system


The House System is a way of arranging the students into four equal parts. Each house has equal strength of the students. Each house is a small family unit. Each student is allocated a house. Inter house competition of sports, quiz and so many other activities are providing a focus on group task. Each house has been marked on the name of four Sahibjada’s of Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji.

  1. Ajit House
  2. Jujhar House
  3. Jorawar House
  4. Fateh House.

Aim of each house:-

  • More involvement in extra curricular activities.
  • The chance to be mentored and to mentor others.
  • Increased aspiration through academic and co-curricular activities competitions.
  • Increased participation in sports.
  • Quality pastoral care in a family atmosphere.
  • A distinct set of values and characteristics of different houses which will help them to come up with strong personal values.

A strong voice in decision making across the school.