Baba Ji’s History



Those souls are great who mould themselves by following the path and teachings of Guru Ji. Baba Manjh Ji was born in 17th century when the fifth Guru, Sri Guru Arjun Devi Ji was the on the Gaddi of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, on the other side Mughal Emperor Jahangir was in the ruling power. Baba Manjh was known as a famous, rich, prosperous and a big landlord of ‘Doaba’ who worshipped ‘Sakhi-Sarvar’, but didn’t get any satisfaction and peace in that. He was in search of a real truth and peace. Once he got an opportunity to have ‘Darshan’of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji where he felt a unique experience with Sangat. He requested Guru Arjun Dev Ji to accept him as a ‘SIKH’. Guru Ji warned him that the way to SIKHISM is not so easy. It is like a walk on a sword and requires lot of sacrifices. But Baba Ji showed great enthusiasm & devotion to follow each & every condition. He left his family and donated his property and wealth in charity for the sake of Guruji’s blessings. He started to spent his time in ‘SEWA’ (service without payment), i.e., To fetch water, fuel, to clean utensils and collect fire woods to prepare food in community kitchen (langar). He used to have his meal in the community kitchen after doing sewa. But Guru Ji ordered him not to take his meals in the Langar. So he started selling off some fire woods in the market in order to arrange his own food. One day Baba Manjhji was in forest to collect fire woods. He collected woods in a bundle and started journey heading towards Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji hurriedly. But with the strong strokes of wind he lost his way and he got plunged in wind. There was a deep well (in the areas of Sultanwind Chatiwind Gate) on the way which was not in use. Baba Ji fell into that. But he kept his firm grip over the fire woods which he was carrying on his head. On the other side Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji had a feeling about this incident. He immediately along with his Sikhs rushed towards that well. Then Guru Ji asked Baba Ji to come out with the help of support. But Baba Ji requested them to pull out that bundle first which was necessary for the Langar. After that bundle he was pulled out of the well. Guru Ji embraced him affectionately and blessed Baba Ji by saying

Manjh pyara guru Ko Guru Manjh pyara

“Manjh is the beloved of the Guru and the Guru is beloved of Manjh.

Manjh is the ferry of the Guru who will Ferry across the world ocean.”

Baba Ji was sent to Doaba Area to spread the message of peace, love and equality. A pious Loh was donated by Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji for Langar. Baba Ji had chosen this place which was totally barren. Now has been developed in a form of Village called KANG MAI (Distt. Hoshiarpur). With the blessing of Guru Ji, he started ‘SEVA’ there & stayed till his last. On the same pious Loh every year on the occasion of Maghi (Birthday of Baba Manjh Ji) lots of PARSHADAS are cooked and tons of fire woods are being used to illuminate it under the supervision of present sewadar Mahant Varinder Singh Ji (14th heir of Baba Manjh Ji Gaddi). Till today the Sangat from all over the world come to this place with great devotion and take blessings of Baba Manjh Ji. On Maghi to observed birthday of Baba Manjh Ji the school honours new admissions with 50% discount.