Director’s Message

Top Schools in Hoshiarpur

Dear Parents,


By the grace of almighty Baba Manjh Ji, BMCS is committed to spread knowledge and skill to the students that would make them ready for global opportunity.


“Manjh Piara Guru Ko, Guru Manjh Piara
Manjh Guru Ka Bohitha, Jag Langanhara”


Let’s pray and bow our heads in front of the almighty 5th Guru Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji to have his blessings so that each one of us should have love for humanity.


We do promise to bring our innocents up to the global level socially and scientifically. We would continue to enhance the quality of higher education to justify our recognition as leaders in higher education.


This is a small effort to project civilized citizens to nurture the needs of modern age, so that we should have balanced lives.


We promise the best infrastructure and faculty to support improvement of your child in learning.


“Not a murmur not a grumble
Silent in their endeavor
These builders of geniuses
From generation to generation”




Mahant Varinder Singh Sidhu