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Top Ways to Teach Your Child Honesty as an Important Life Lesson

Honesty is an abstract concept. This is the reason why parents often face challenges to teach children about the value of honesty. Moreover, young children have a general tendency to tell lies by weaving stories that fit what they want or need. It sometimes makes parents worried. But, lying is normal for young children. But, at the same time, parents need to instill the value of honesty into their children from a very young age.

Now look at some effective ways to begin teaching your children, to be honest as suggested by Baba Manjh Convent School, the best CBSE convent schools in Hoshiarpur.

  • Focus on Honesty in Your Family: No matter how little your child may be, you can begin to tell and show your children the importance of honesty. To do it, make sure you make honesty a positive focus in your family by practicing honesty in everyday life. Use age-appropriate language to help your child understand what you are trying to teach. In this way, your child will learn about the value of honesty from a family that families need to be able to believe what they tell each other is true.
  • Set Example: When it comes to teaching your child about honesty, you must set an example of honesty. After all, children imitate the habits and behavior of their parents. If your child sees you lying to others, he/she will never learn about the value of honesty no matter how much you work hard to instill honesty in your child.
  • Praise Honesty: Children often lie to avoid punishment. But, when your child comes to you and tells the truth, make sure you appreciate your child for daring the truth. You can also offer a reward to your child for better motivation. It will help your child feel great about their honesty, particularly in situations where a lie would have been easier. 


Baba Manjh Convent School, one of the top CBSE schools in Hoshiarpur, believes that understanding why children lie at times, will help parents find out the solution for every situation. Most importantly, make sure you develop a deep parent-child bond so that your child doesn’t need to lie. After all, connected children do not become habitual liars.

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