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Are Cultural Activities Important In School?

In this era of modern education, school is not limited to imparting education academically. Parents expect educational institutions to mold students with an international perspective. Here, cultural activities come into play. This wide array of activities helps students in developing their personalities and building confidence. Apart from that, it also imparts life skills that will help them to navigate life beyond their academic phase.

At Baba Manjh Convent School, the best CBSE Convent School in Hoshiarpur, we integrate different cultural activities into our curriculum. Our teachers encourage students to participate in these activities as it instills confidence in them.

Advantages of including cultural activities in school

There is a wide range of benefits of cultural activities. That is why we integrate them into our curriculum.

Take a look at the advantages listed here –

• Improved academics score

Students participating in cultural activities tend to score better. That is because their minds are refreshed, and they do not suffer from the boredom of studying all the time. Baba Manjh Convent School, helps students balance academics and other activities.

• Development of other skills

Getting involved with cultural activities assist students in developing other life skills. These include teamwork, critical thinking, communication skills, etc. We aim to prepare students to face life beyond school.

• Reduction of stage fear

One of the most common yet difficult fear to overcome for students is stage fear. Even as an adult, it becomes tough to get rid of this worry. Participating in cultural activities will allow students to get rid of this unnecessary fear. It will also lead to the development of self-confidence. The Best School in Hoshiarpur helps students with this.

• Instillation of responsibility

It is true that when students are given a particular task, it instills in them a sense of responsibility. At Baba Manjh Convent School, students are given separate responsibilities to accomplish a particular activity. Making them accountable for that task makes them more responsible.

• Better time management

Being involved in both studies and extracurricular activities teaches time management to students. One of the top-rated Hoshiarpur CBSE schools ensures students have the opportunity to excel in all facets of life. When you have to manage dual aspects equally, you learn the importance of time and make sure it is properly utilized.

• Motivates physical well being

Cultural activities such as dance, martial arts, etc., help students maintain their physical health. We promote physical health awareness among students. With the right motivation and competition, students become more aware of their health and strive to remain fit. This also encourages them to have a balanced diet.

These are the benefits that you can gain from participating in cultural activities. Baba Manjh Convent School, one of the Best Convent Schools in Hoshiarpur, understands the importance of cultural activities and implements them.

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