How to Teach Your Child to Read Fluently Step by Step?

Are you wondering about how to help your child read more fluently? Then fortunately there are some effective tips to use at home to help your child read fluently. It is because reading fluency is no doubt an important skill to teach your child. Fluent readers not only sound good while they are reading; instead, they can understand what they are reading.

So, if you think that your child struggles with reading fluency, here are some tips for you as suggested by Baba Manjh Convent School, one of the best convent schools in Hoshiarpur.

Effective Ways to Help Your Child Read More Fluently:

  • Listen to Your Child Reading Aloud: Tell your child to read aloud so that you can listen to him/her. It will help you understand what you should improve in your child. Now it is your time to model reading with proper rate, accuracy, and expression so that they can get a better sense of rhythm and intonation.
  • Create a Reading Area: Make sure you give your child a place where he/she can comfortably go and practice reading. Thus you can help your child make a reading habit.
  • Pick Books Your Child Can Relate: Choosing books for your child is very crucial to help your child improve reading skills. Make sure the book you are giving to your child is interesting and your child can relate to the characters in the book.
  • Practice Paired Reading: Paired reading is an effective way to help your child read fluently. Here you will actively read with your child or read aloud together. Sometimes, you can indicate your child to read by himself/ herself. 
  • Gift Your Child Audiobooks: Audiobooks are effective tools that can help your child improve reading skills. It will help your child listen to favourite books or stories over and over again. So, children need not read it several times but they will learn to read it.
  • Record, Evaluate & Repeat: When your child is reading aloud, record it. Then listen to it with your child. Now, set a specific goal for the next session, for instance, you can tell your child to read with more expression. Then record it a second time. Thus you can help your child improve reading fluency.


These are some effective ways on what to do when kids don’t read fluently as recommended by Baba Manjh Convent School, the top CBSE school in Hoshiarpur.

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