How to Help Children Develop a Global Perspective?

Now children live in a world that is continuously evolving, but still, you get the information happening even in faraway places in a moment as technology has connected countries like never before. Today, you have the privilege to introduce your child to diverse cultures, places, beauties, and even challenges. After all, with such a wide range of knowledge comes deep responsibility to become a problem solver. But make sure it comes quite naturally in your child rather than forcing them to do something for the sake of the world.

Baba Manjh Convent School, one of the top CBSE convent schools in Hoshiarpur, suggests that parents teach global communicative skills and empathy to their children so that, they can interact with a new perspective in a safe space.

Effective Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Global Perspective:

Read: When it comes to widening your child’s horizons, reading different types of books is perhaps the most obvious choice. You can encourage your child to read a variety of books, especially literature such as novels, picture books, non-fiction, and many more. These books represent a vast array of perspectives from different parts of the world and are effective enough to lay a strong foundation for global awareness in your child.

Help Your Child to Join Groups: Nowadays, there are several opportunities available online such as pen pals or video chat, to help your child establish a connection with peers all over the world. Moreover, you can encourage your child to join and participate in a large number of organised events, programs, or celebrations, both physical and online, that can allow your child to connect with peers from different places. It will give your child a scope to develop a sense of global-mindedness.

Global News & Current Events: Make sure you help your child access the global news and current events that are occurring across the world. You can enrol your child in social studies or an ELA classroom that can help your child get the knowledge and information about current global events and hold discussions or writing activities about the implications of those events.

Watch & Play: By renting or buying documentaries for your children can help them explore new cultures most easily. For instance, if you gift your child the series of The Little Travelers, an imaginary play will make your child curious about exploring diverse places and their cultures.


Most importantly, introducing your children to other cultures can effectively enlarge their worldviews and alter their perspective about the bigger world. But, make sure you help your children begin the cycle by discovering and analying their cultural values and biases.

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